Senior Front-end Software Engineer and User Interface Specialist
SELECTED WORK iPad Experience iPad Experience

  • Developed a responsive search & discovery application for using Knockout, Postal, Underscore, jQuery, Jasmine, and LESS
  • Engineered a caching process using local storage to reduce repeated API calls
  • Implemented advanced search filtering for color, price, and size
AllPosters Product Page

AllPosters Product Detail Page

  • Created an API-driven product detail page using HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, & an in-house MVC js framework
  • Supported over one million unique product SKUs while serving content in 7 languages
  • Reduced server requests with data caching for multiple product variations
  • Reduced page load time by lazy loading large assets and third-party content
Site Branding

Site Branding

Led HTML & CSS engineering for several site-branding initiatives:

  • A complete rebranding of the site
  • The new site launch of
  • Conde Nast Collection
  • at JCPenney
Customer Satisfaction Awards

Award-Winning Product Innovations

Won multiple company awards for product innovations and UX designs to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Designed a process to reduce shopping cart abandonment (placed 1st within tech/product/UX teams)
  • Initiated an overhaul to the account and personalization experience to increase customer engagement (placed 1st overall)